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BIll Janis on NRANews Today

Mon, 06/08/2015 - 10:43
VSSA and NRA-PVF Endorsed candidate Bill Janis will be on NRANews' Cam and Company today at approximately 2:40.  With the GOP Primary for the 12th Senate District being held tomorrow, this is a good opportunity for Janis to speak directly to gun owners and sportsmen on the importance of voting in tomorrow's primary.  Bill Janis is the only candidate in the 12th District race with a proven voting record supporting the rights of Virginia gun owners.  Two of the other three candidates responded to the NRA-PVF survey with answers that indicated they support our rights and one candidate (Siobhan S. Dunnavant) failed to respond indicating that she is indifferent or out right hostile to our rights.  But Janis has a voting record which is why VSSA endorsed him over the other candidates.

If you can't listen live to Bill at 2:40 on NRANews.com,  you can download the podcast via ITunes or directly from the NRANews site or listen On Demand on IHeart Radio later this evening.  We will also post the interview on this blog early this evening.
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House GOP Uses Power of the Purse to Address Obama Gun Restrictions

Fri, 06/05/2015 - 07:42
The Hill reports this morning that House Republicans did as promised and attached multiple amendments to HR2578, the Commerce, Justice and Science appropriations bill, to stop Obama's regulatory end run around Congress to impose restrictions on our firearms freedom.  From The Hill article:
Under the measure, the ATF would be prohibited from banning certain forms of armor-piercing ammunition or blocking the importation of military-style shotguns. Another provision would block federal agents from creating what critics say is a gun registry.

Critics of the administrations efforts to impose new federal firearm restrictions see the GOP Congress’s power of purse as their best chance to block new rules.

“We need to stop the Obama administration from making end-run around Congress on gun control,” National Rifle Association spokeswoman Jennifer Baker said.

The bill, approved in the House by a 242-183 tally, would prohibit the Justice Department from using any of the money to enforce certain gun regulations.

Among them is the ATF’s proposed — and later withdrawn — ban on certain forms of armor-piercing ammunition used in AR-15 rifles. Gun control advocates cheered the agency for moving forward with the rule in February. Obama previously threatened a veto of the House version of the bill emerges from the Senate and Democrat New Yok Congressman echoed that threat:
But Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) said the move was irresponsible, since it could derail the bill in the Senate, imperiling all Justice Department programs.

“Once again, the Republicans are governing dangerously by offering a poison pill amendment that jeopardizes the safety of our law enforcement and first responders,” Israel said. “Congress should be passing common-sense gun safety laws to save lives and keep our men and women in uniform safe — not caving to the reckless demands of the gun lobby.”It is very possible that many if not most of the amendments will indeed emerge from the Senate with the pro-rights majority currently in place.  While Republicans have been loathe to use their power of the purse in other areas, it appears that a solid number of them are ready to do just that on the issue of Second Amendment rights.
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DGIF Increases Cost of Hunting Big Game in Virginia

Thu, 06/04/2015 - 08:47
Yesterday, the Board of the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries did by regulation something they have not been successful doing legislatively the last several years, separating the Bear Tag from the Big Game Tags hunters have purchased for years to hunt deer, bear and turkey.  On a 5-4 vote, the Board voted to separate the Bear Tag and set a fee of $20 for residents and $150 for non-residents - that's in addition to the state resident hunting license fee of $23.00, and, if you hunt other big game species (deer and turkey) $23.00.  So if you want to hunt all three it will now cost you $66.00.  If you hunt archery and or muzzleloader season it costs additional fees for those too ($18.00 each).  If you are not the only member of your household that hunts you could spend a small fortune on licenses.  I have a bear on the property I deer hunt.  My daughter had hoped that maybe she would see it when she was deer hunting and would be able to shoot it during the youth hunting day in September or during the one week bear season December.  Now, for that to happen, we will have to purchase a separate license.

Also in Board action taken on Tuesday, on a 9-0 vote, the board banned the use of scent made from excretion collected from a deer or elk, including feces, urine, blood, glad oil or other bodily fluids.(such as the Code Blue Standing Estrus).  The reason for this is their fear those scents may increase the spread of chronic wasting disease.  Hunters will still be able to use synthetic deer substances.
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Republicans Prepare Pro-gun Riders for Appropriations, Obama Finalizing New Restriction Regulations

Wed, 06/03/2015 - 09:55
Over the past two days, there have been reports that a battle is brewing on firearm rights that will likely come to a head in the fall.  On the pro-rights side, Republicans have included riders in the Commerce Justice and Science appropriations to prohibit the use of funding to support restrictions on our rights.
Lawmakers are bracing for a showdown on Capitol Hill over gun provisions in a bill to fund the Justice Department (DOJ).

House Republicans are seeking to roll back a number of controversial gun regulations from the Obama administration, but not without a fight from Democrats.

Some of the provisions would block DOJ from banning military-style assault rifles and high-powered bullets for handguns, and collecting information about certain guns sales.

These provisions are expected to be offered as so-called appropriations riders, which means DOJ’s funding would be contingent on federal authorities following these rules.

It’s an opportunity for congressional Republicans to withhold funding from the agency unless the Obama administration backs down from certain gun regulations.

Or as the National Rifle Association sees it: "We need to stop the Obama administration from bypassing Congress on gun control,” said NRA spokeswoman Jennifer Baker.

But Democrats are bitterly opposing the gun riders. They see it as a dirty trick by the GOP to beat back gun safety measures.Obama has theatened to veto the appropriation bill for several reasons, including the firearm related riders?

On the second front, Obama, knowing he can't get new restrictive laws through Congress, is planning to use Justice Department regulatory power to go after our rights.  It's known as the "Unified Agenda" and in the case of domestic abusers and the mentally ill, some would say these type of people should not have access to firearms, but when you dig deeper, it's all in the eye of the beholder.   You see, Obama wants to expand the definition of things like Domestic Violence and Mental Illness, as Jazz Shaw at Hot Air notes:
The appeal to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers is a powerful one, particularly in today’s media climate. And to be sure, actual perpetrators of domestic violence should not be trusted with weapons if they have so little control over their temper. But as with all things, such instances need to be evaluated on a case by case basis. Blanket bans for misdemeanor convictions such as the one being proposed can wind up sweeping all sorts of folks into the net, such as the Florida woman recently charged with slapping her annoying husband during an argument. Does anyone think she should be included based on nothing more than that?Obama also wants to expand the definition of what constitutes being mentally ill.  Then there is  the proposal having to do with the elimination of NFA trusts.  Items like suppressors require law enforcement approval.  In states like Virginia, the approval process can vary from locality to locality and be very arbitrary.  VSSA has worked to streamline this process in Virginia and this year for the first time our efforts led to a bill passing and going to the governor.  Unfortunately, Governor McAuliffe vetoed the bill.  NFA Trusts have become very popular to address this issue. Currently only the person setting up the trust must go through the approval process.  Beneficiaries of the trusts do not.  This allows items to be passed down through families or allow those beneficiaries to use those items while the owner is living.   Obama is proposing that everyone, including beneficiary's of NFA Trusts must undergo the approval process. 

On yesterday's Sportsman Channel's NRANews Cam and Company, host Cam Edwards talked with NRA-ILA' s media liaison Catherine Mortensen about the new proposals that the administration expects to be ready by November:

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NAGR Unleashes Dishonest Attack on Bill Janis

Mon, 06/01/2015 - 11:19
Voters in the 12th Senate District have received a dishonest campaign mailer from the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) that can only be described as trash.  The mailer claims that VSSA and NRA Endorsed candidate Bill Janis refuses to oppose several gun control measures.
That second gun ban proposal that Janis supposedly won't oppose is particularly laughable because Bill Janis voted for Virginia's full pre-emption law when it passed in the General Assembly in 2004 which makes such schemes in Virginia a non-starter.

When you click on the graphic of the mailer you will note that the three proposals Janis supposedly refuses to oppose are questions that were on a questionnaire the NAGR claims to have sent to Janis and that they claim he failed to answer.  In reality, a quick phone conversation with Janis revealed that he did not even receive the NAGR questionnaire until Tuesday, May 26 by certified mail.  The hit piece landed in mail boxes about the same time meaning NAGR never planned to wait for a response before dropping this trash in voters mail boxes.

This is not the first time that this so-called gun rights organizations has been dishonest with gun owners and voters.  In 2013, after the media decided not to show up at a press event where the group was rolling out attack ads against then House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, they staged a photo for use in an email that made it look like the media showed up and asked questions.

The group has also been dishonest in other areas.  Last month, the leader of NAGR used his Colorado organization to attack pro-gun researcher Dave Kopel.

And those are just two instances where the group has attacked friends of gun owners.  Sebastian over at Shall Not Be Questioned has written about the group's amateur activity.   At the end of that post, Sebastian summed it up pretty well:
I continue to encourage gun owners to not have anything to do with Dudley Brown or NAGR. Don't give them money and don't give them support. My sentiments exactly.

Update:  Here is a photo of the envelop in which the questionnaire arrived.
And here is a photo of the letter clearing stating the that it was due on May 1 - 19 days before it was mailed.

Hat tip to Bearing Drift.
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New Law Will Restore 2nd Amendment Rights for Some Felons Who Have Served There Time

Mon, 06/01/2015 - 09:08
The Culpeper Star-Exponent has the story here:
Culpeper Town Councilman Jon Russell, chairman of the public safety committee, congratulated Webert and McAuliffe on passing "such an important piece of legislation." Russell said,

"Just like restored voting rights, felons who have worked hard to be on the right side of the law should have their 2nd Amendment rights returned. It's refreshing to see there is still some common sense bi-partisanship in the commonwealth." Not everyone was happy with the bill however:
Andy Goddard, legislative director with The Virginia Center for Public Safety, an anti-gun violence organization based in Norfolk, said they opposed the legislation during the general assembly session because the wording was and still is confusing. "It should say Virginia would recognize a person's right to have firearms in another state provided the restoration was done with no conditions. It's not a terrible, blood's going to flow in the streets sort of thing, obviously, but it's just adding confusion to something that already needed to be straightened out ," he said. "The bottom line to this whole thing is it's all kind of moot because it's the federal government that makes it illegal for a felon to have a firearm, not the state." Goddard disagreed with violent felons ever getting their gun rights restored, but felt it was OK in the case of nonviolent felons, saying existing Virginia law does not specify between the two.VSSA agrees with Councilman Russell. The law take effect July 1.
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Arlington Residents Seek to Stop Gun Shop from Opening

Sat, 05/30/2015 - 16:27
Saturday a week ago the Washington Post had this article about a group of residents in the city of Arlington, Virginia, attempting to stop NOVA Firearms owner James Gates from opening a location on Lee Highway in the city. Gates wants to open the shop because he has out grown his store in McLean and needs a second location.  The malcontent residents have started an online petition and the Post notes that it has already collected 17,000 signatures at the time of the article. The Post didn't report that not everyone who has signed the petition is against the store opening.  Signing the petition is the only way you can leave a comment, and some of those comments are in support of NOVA.   It should also be noted that Gates has already signed the lease with the owner of the strip mall so this is a bit late to try and stop the store from opening.

It's not like Lee Highway is a quiet neighborhood street - it is a bustling major thoroughfare and as the Post article points out, there is already a pawn shop that sells firearms less than 10 blocks from where Gates wants to open his business:
We’re not trying to make anybody mad or upset. We want to be part of the community,” he said in a telephone interview from his store in McLean. “We’ll have security and classes on safe handling of firearms, and safe carry. People who have questions should give us a call and give us a chance.”

They might also take a look fewer than 10 blocks east on Lee Highway, where National Pawnbrokers has been selling firearms for years. The manager there, who identified himself as David, said gun sales are a steady and uncontroversial part of the business.The story continues to get a lot of media attention with NBC 4 in Washington picking up the story on Thursday night.
It's not just the residents in the area but Gates' future business neighbors are also joining those opposed to the store opening.
Jane Winter, who works at the flower shop next door to the vacant storefront, said NOVA doesn't fit in to the strip mall that includes a restaurant, hair salon and nail salon.There is a reason some refer to the city as "The Peoples Republic of Arlington." It's about the closest thing to San Francisco that you will find in Virginia.

Cam Edwards of Sportsman Channel's NRANews Cam and Company spoke with Gates on Thursday to get his side of the story.

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UPS Moves to Stop Shipping Suppressors

Thu, 05/21/2015 - 14:24
Earlier this week, Guns.com reported that UPS is moving to stop carrying shipments of firearms suppressors due to what they referred to as compliance issues:
“NSSF, in coordination with NRA and the American Suppressor Association, are in discussions with UPS to address their compliance concerns,” Lawrence Keane, National Shooting Sports Foundation senior vice president and general counsel told Guns.com. “Vermont and Minnesota will likely soon join 39 other states that allow the possession of suppressors. In light of this, we hope to be able to have UPS reconsider its policy.”

Keane advised caution in allowing the industry to do its work, saying, “We strongly urge all Second Amendment advocates not to jump to conclusions about UPS.” It appears to be a policy that was on UPS' books for years, but they just decided to enforce it.

Cam Edwards spoke with Knox Williams, president and executive director of the American Suppressor Association during Monday's Sportsman Channel's Cam and Company program.

This happens at a time when suppressor legalization legislation is increasing.
Hat tip to Guns.com and Shall Not Be Questioned.
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Gun Ban Lobby Views "Gun Violence Restraining Orders" As Road to Success

Thu, 05/21/2015 - 12:29
According to Discovery News, a new study by four researchers (three of which work for the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Center for Gun Policy and Research) gives the gun ban lobby the ammunition they need to push for what has become known as "Gun Violence Restraining Orders."
Gun control advocates are devising new measures that could decrease the likelihood of mass shootings and other firearm-related casualties, and appeal to a broad-enough slice of the political spectrum for new laws to pass. Gun violence restraining orders (GVROs) are one such promising avenue that could save lives, according to an article published this week in the journal Behavioral Sciences and the Law.

GVROs permit family members and intimate partners to petition a court to deny the possession or purchase of a firearm by an individual exhibiting dangerous or violent behavior. Currently, gun ownership restrictions generally apply to two groups, the mentally ill and criminals. This sort of prohibition must be triggered by an extreme event, such as an involuntary psychiatric commitment or a violent crime. Before such an event, “family members, intimate partners, or others often observe a pattern of dangerous behavior,” note the researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the University of California, Davis. These warning signs are better predictors of violence than mental illness diagnoses.Two of the researchers in the study referenced above also trotted out similar proposals at a University of Virginia Consortium for Risk-Based Firearm Policy in 2013.  California has already passed such a law.  The idea is, since banning semi-automatic firearms and criminalizing private sales will likely be difficult to achieve in all but a handful of states, targeting people who are thought to have mental health issues will certainly be something we can all agree needs to be done.  The problem is, laws like this have few due process protections.

For instance, last summer, Robert B. Young, a private psychiatrist in Pittsford, NY, and a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association wrote the following at GunMag.com:
These issues raise serious concerns:
  • What standards of evidence justify a seizure? Commitment for psychiatric treatment doesn’t necessarily imply danger with a firearm, let alone for 5 years. Most of those patients readily recover and many never again require that level of intervention. In domestic conflicts, there are sometimes false or exaggerated allegations. Convictions (not just charges) for violent misdemeanors may merit prohibition of gun possession for some time, but 10 years without recourse is longer than necessary or fair in many circumstances.
  • What sort of evidence is required to reverse the seizure? There’s no way to guarantee that someone will behave safely. It’s not possible even for psychiatrists to predict the likelihood of violent behavior beyond a day or two.
  • How does the initial seizure of property incorporate any due process, particularly since this contravenes a federal constitutional right? Yet emergencies do happen, and deaths might be prevented if weapons could be confiscated in time and with good judgment.
  • Police officers deserve great respect but there are always a few who abuse their powers. How can this be safeguarded?
  • What is reasonable about not permitting the subject to contest these decisions for a year or more?
With laws like this, the devil is always in the details. Dr. Young notes that people with mental illnesses are no more likely to commit violence than the general population and are far more likely to become victims.  He continues that the best intervention is good treatment. But, intervention or treatment for the mentally ill isn't the goal of the gun ban lobby, it's finding ways to keep people from owning firearms.
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Concealed Carry Methods for Women

Thu, 05/21/2015 - 07:19
American Rifleman has this article over on their web site looking at five methods of concealed carry for women.  The types discussed include Belly Band Holsters, Compression Clothing, purse and sport bag carry, and the Bra Holster.  Regarding that last method, the author notes:
This is one system that only a woman can appreciate, so I handed this one off to my lovely wife to try out. Her comments were mixed. Yes, it successfully hides the gun from view. However, she feels that women wearing bra holsters will need to have an ample bust line and a flat stomach in order for even small pocket pistols to conceal successfully and ride comfortably. She also said the holster system rests against tender areas, so it may take a while to get used to wearing one.If you are a woman, or have a female loved one or friend who carries, check out the full article.
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NRA Political Victory Fund Posts Endorsements for June 9 Primary

Thu, 05/21/2015 - 07:12
Last week we shared the NRA-PVF and VSSA Endorsements for Bill Janis in the 12th Senate District.  Today, the NRA-PVF posted additional endorsements on its web site.  Additionally, VSSA posted an endorsement for incumbent State Senator Steve Martin in the 11th State Senate District.

NRA-PVF also endorsed Senator Martin.  Additionally Dessert Storm and Navy Veteran Bill DeSteph in Virginia's 8th Senate District, Senator John Cosgrove in the 14th District, and Senator Emmett Hanger in the 24th also received endorsements.

The Richmond area is home to both the 11th and the 12th Senate Districts.  The 12th District primary is to fill the seat of retiring State Senator Walter Stosch.  There are four candidates vying for the nomination.  The winner will likely be the next Senator from the 12 District.  Two of the other three candidates received "AQ" ratings (meaning they answered the questionnaire in a manner that merited an "A" but they have no legislative record) in the race. One candidate received a question mark meaning the candidate did not return the questionnaire which should be considered indifference to the issue or could mean outright hostility to our rights.

There is a similar situation in the 11th District.  Incumbent State Senator Steve Martin, who earned an "A-" NRA-PVF rating is facing two challengers.  One of those challengers received an "AQ" rating. One candidate received a question mark.  The winner of the 11th District Primary is also in a good position to coast to victory in November.
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Liberal Group Joins Call for Abolition of BATFE

Tue, 05/19/2015 - 12:34
The Washington Post reports that the Center for American Progress is joining the chorus to abolish the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE).
The lead federal agency responsible for tackling gun violence should be merged into the FBI to better protect public safety and reduce firearms crime, a liberal think tank with strong ties to the Obama administration said.

The Center for American Progress — after a two-year investigation and more than 50 interviews with people in both agencies — concluded that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is plagued by inadequate management, insufficient resources, burdensome restrictions and a lack of coordination. The center’s 182-page report, a copy of which was obtained by The Washington Post, is scheduled to be released Tuesday.Someone needs to tell the Washington Post that the purpose of the BATFE is not to "tackle gun violence," it is a regulatory agency.  Then again, if BATFE views itself as the lead agency to fight gun violence, that could explain why it has been scandal ridden the last six years - it has lost site of its actual mission.
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17th Annual VSSA Crush'n Clays Sold Out

Mon, 05/18/2015 - 13:48
VSSA's Crush'n Clays® is now sold out.  The event will be held on Saturday, June 13, and benefit's St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  Over the last 16 years, more than $300,000 has been raised for this worthy cause.  Crush'n Clays® has become a must attend event.  It has been so successful because of our sponsors, volunteers, the good folks at the Arlington/Fairfax IWLA (a VSSA affiliate club), and of course our participants.  Thank you for making this the longest running clay target event in the nation.

Below is a video that an attendee from a previous year posted after attending.

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Quantico Shooting Club and VSSA Help Shooters Get Started in Highpower Rifle Shooting

Thu, 05/14/2015 - 08:30
Earlier this spring, the Quantico Shooting Club and VSSA conducted an entry level rifle clinic aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico. While intended primarily for junior shooters the clinic was opened up to all QSC members. The intent was to provide information and assistance for those interested in getting started in high power rifle competition. Instructors for this event were Mike Darnell (VSSA Jr. Chair) and VSSA Board member Bill McKaig. Despite marginal weather, 23 shooters participated.

The day’s schedule was split into morning and afternoon sessions. The morning session was devoted to classroom instruction and the afternoon would be set aside for application down range on the firing line.

The presentation covered a variety of topics including: Equipment, courses of fire, match mechanics and individual responsibilities. As you would imagine, the majority of the classroom phase focused on shooting fundamentals that every shooter should apply on the firing line: Position development, sight alignment,breathing, trigger control, and follow through.

Unfortunately, the weather didn’t let up and the afternoon live fire portion was postponed. Overall, the day was still a success with participants calling for more clinics in the future.

For questions about getting started in highpower competition, or setting up a clinic for your local club contact Mike Darnell at bpsnsi@gmail.com
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Hunting Big Game with an Air Rifle

Thu, 05/14/2015 - 08:12
Boy have air rifles come a long way.  A couple weeks ago a friend shared a video on Facebook about an air rifle that shoots a .45 caliber slug.  Interestingly, this week, an article also ended up in my email inbox with even more about this air rifle.  The article started out like this:
Can you imagine an air rifle that shoots a 350 grain 45 caliber slug at velocities high enough to shoot completely through a big wild boar? Better start believing.It's the AirForce Texan Big Bore Air Rifle and it has the ability to fire .45 caliber projectiles at over 1000 feet per second with energy levels of over 500 foot pounds according to the AirForce web site.  AirForce says the Texan is the world’s most powerful production air rifle.   The video below gives you more information about the Texan.
If you want to watch a little longer video (this is the one my friend shared) you can see the Texan in action on the range.

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Less Than 20 Spots Left for 17th Annual Crush'n Clays

Tue, 05/12/2015 - 12:10
VSSA's 17th Annual Crush'n Clays Benefiting St. Jude Children's Hospital will be held on June 13th at the Arlington/Fairfax IWLA.  If you are planning to participate in this year's even you need to hurry and register because there are less than 20 shooting spots left.

Crush'n Clays is the longest running shooting charity that supports the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and the longest consecutive running charity shooting event in the country! Over the last 16 years, VSSA has raised over $300,000 to support the important work of St. Jude.

Don't get left out this year.  You can register online and be part of this annually sold out event.
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NRAPVF, VSSA, Endorse Janis for 12th Senate District GOP Nomination

Mon, 05/11/2015 - 12:43
Earlier today, the NRA Poltical Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) and VSSA announced the endorsement of former Delegate Bill Janis in the GOP primary for the 12th Senate District seat being vacated by retiring State Senator Walter Stosch.  Both the NRA and VSSA cited Janis' long record of not only voting for pro-rights legislation, but spearheading efforts to regain rights lost in earlier years.  For instance, in 2004, Janis was the first member of the legislature to successfully begin the rollback of Virginia's gun rationing scheme known as "one gun-a-month."  In 2005, VSSA requested then Delegate Janis to carry legislation (HB2282) that would protect Virginia's shooting ranges from localities changing noise requirements that could result in putting the ranges out of business.

Janis is currently in a four person race for the nomination.  He is the only candidate with a voting record on the issue important to gun owners in the 12th District.  VSSA urges gun owners and sportsmen in the 12th State Senate District to get involved and help Bill between now and June 9th.  Most importantly, please go to the polls on June 9th and vote for Bill Janis.
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