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VSSA Continues to Enjoy General Assembly Success

Every year VSSA's lobbying team is at the General Assembly everyday working with legislators to defeat bad bills and pass good bills.  By the time the legislators walk into a subcomittee or committee meeting, they have met with your lobbying team and know the VSSA position on every bill.  You may not see our name in the newspaper or TV news as having stood up in committee to address a bill but rest assured, the committee members know our position and we are confident at the time the committee meets that your rights will be protected by the Delegates and State Senators.

The 2017 Virginia General Assembly adjouned Sine Die on February 25, 2017.  Pro-gun bills of interest to gun owners this session included Constitutional Carry, bills to reduce the cost of applying and renewing concealed handgun permits, and bills that would allow victims of domestic violence that have an active protective order to carry concealed for 45 days without a permit until their permit application is approved and received.  There was also a bill again this year that would prohibit the sharing of concealed carry permit holder information with law enforcement in states that do not have reciprocity with Virginia.  The usual anti-gun bills have been introduced again this year including a bill to reinstate handgun rationing, a bill requiring FFLS to carry so-called "smart guns", "universal" background check bills, and bills that would prohibit carrying concealed in a public library.  The VSSA legislative team was on the ground talking to legislators and representing Virginia's gun owners at committee meetings. 

All of the successes that VSSA delivers for our members is because of the support of the membership.  Only a small portion of VSSA member dues go to pay for our legislative activities.  The generous contributions of our members have helped us be as successful as we have been for the last decade.  Please consider a contribution to support the War Chest.

Governor Terry McAuliffe demonstrated his disdain for gun owners during a speech in Washington D.C. in 2015 at a rally staged by Michael Bloomberg’s so-called Everytown for Gun Safety.  McAuliffe used anti-gun owner rhetoric as a rallying cry for his hard-core gun ban followers to energize them for the 2015 election.  Shortly after the press conference, Bloomberg dropped over $2.2 million in two Virginia Senate campaigns trying to buy the one seat McAuliffe needed to take control of the Virginia State Senate.

While we defeated McAuliffe and Bloomberg at the election polls, we still face the unlimited pockets of Michael Bloomberg here in Virginia.  He won’t stop just because he lost one senate race.   He will turn his attention to pushing legislation through the General Assembly.

VSSA needs your help so we can continue to stand up to the attacks from Governor McAuliffe and Michael Bloomberg.  Your contribution will refill our lobbying coffers ahead of the state wide elections for Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General this year.

Your generous contribution of $250, $100, $50, $25, or even $10 will go a long way to end McAuliffe’s harassment of law abiding gun owners.

In addition to making a donation, it is important that every VSSA member that has an email address to contact us and provide us with the email address so we can include you in our legislative alerts and newsletter.

We will never sell your email address nor will we give it to any other organization.   

All you need to do to be included in the VSSA Legislative Alert database is click here.  You will automatically be added to our email list.

Scroll down to make a donation online through our secure server.  If you prefer to mail a check, click here to download a contribution form and mail it to: Virginia Shooting Sports Association, PO. Box 1258, Orange, VA 22960

We thank you for your support and hope you will continue to make VSSA’s legislative efforts a success.  


Let Your Voice Be Heard – Support the VSSA War Chest Today!

The VSSA War Chest is organized for the purpose of defraying the cost of protecting the rights of Virginia gun owners.  Only a small portion of your VSSA membership dues are dedicated to the War Chest meaning we need your additional support. VSSA is the only pro-firearm organization in Virginia that maintains an effective full-time lobbyist in Richmond protecting your rights as a firearm owner.  We need and appreciate your support.  Please take a moment and send your most generous contribution today.  Credit card contributions by Visa and Mastercard graciously accepted.

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