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The Youngest Gun Rights Activists in the Nation

Thu, 11/17/2016 - 13:43
After the 2016 NRA Annual Meetings, this blog shared the story of two young Iowa competitive shooters, Meredith and Natalie Gibson, who are prohibited by law from handling handguns in their home state.  After learning of the prohibition, they worked to get legislation passed to change the law.  They pushed for The Youth Safety & Parental Rights Act. It would allow youth under the age of 14 to use handguns under the supervision of a parent or guardian. It passed the full House as well as committees in the Senate, but State Senator Steve Sodders, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, would not allow the bill to be brought to a vote.  So, Meredith and Natalie Gibson knocked on doors, raised funds, walked in parades and talked to thousands of people. Their goal was to bring about a Republican majority in the Iowa Senate and to unseat Senator Sodders.  He’s on his way out now thanks to this year's election and the efforts of these two young ladies.  Meredith and Natalie expect to be able to shoot a handgun under the supervision of their dad, Nathan, now that the chief impediment to the Youth Safety and Parental Rights Act will now be gone. Yesterday, they spoke with NRANews Cam and Company host Cam Edwards about this great victory.

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Election Post Mortem - Trump and Gun Owners Win

Wed, 11/09/2016 - 11:43
The election results from last night confirmed that Donald Trump tapped in to an undercurrent of unrest among a segment of the public.  Unless you were listening to certain talk radio programing, you heard that Trump was going to lose because polls showed he was trailing and could not win.  National Review's Jim Geraghty addressed that in his post election Morning Jolt:
Everything I wrote yesterday about the polls generally being right most of the time is now inoperative. Pollsters have had off years before, but there has never been a colossal ten-car pile-up like this in the polling industry. The entire industry needs to scrap everything they know about the electorate and start over. One of the giant questions they must address is whether we now live in an atmosphere of such far-reaching and stifling social disapproval of politically incorrect positions that a significant portion of respondents no longer feel comfortable expressing their actual beliefs to a pollster.As Geraghty said, there really is a "silent majority" that waited until election day to voice their opinion.

It also looks like the NRA knew what they were doing in their placement of Campaign Field Representatives (CFRs).  NRA-ILA strategically chose eleven states to place one or more CFRs and their efforts paid off in seven in the Presidential race and helped defeat the so-called "universal background check" ballot initiative in Maine.  NRA made it known via Twitter:
Congratulations, President-elect @realDonaldTrump, on your hard-fought victory! #2A pic.twitter.com/Ju6J9YH43s— NRA (@NRA) November 9, 2016
On the gun ban lobby side, Politico reported Monday that Bloomberg spent $65 million, with $25 million going to ballot initiatives including three gun related efforts, one in Washington (Allows courts to prevent dangerous individuals from acquiring guns), one in Nevada ("universal" background checks) and Maine ("universal" background checks), and the rest on several U.S. Senate candidates - both Republican and Democrat and several statewide races.  On the ballot initiatives, he won handily in Washington, barely won in Nevada, and lost in Maine.  He also had mixed results in the Senate and statewide candidate races.

Last night was a good night overall for gun owners.  Trump has vowed to appoint justices to the Supreme court that will not overturn Heller.  He has said he will put his Vice President Mike Pence in charge of the judicial appointments.  We shall see.  And, Bloomberg will continue to spend his unlimited pot of money at the state level in areas where he thinks he has the best shot to win.  We need to analyze our win in Maine and use what worked there to defeat him going forward.  But for now, we can all breath a sigh of relief that Hillary Clinton will not take up residence in the White House.
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The Future is in Our Hands So Vote

Tue, 11/08/2016 - 08:14
The direction our country will take for the next generation will be decided today.  It is up to us.  Vote! Then, make sure all of your gun owning friends vote!  Polls are open until 7 PM in Virginia. 

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Guns at Polling Places

Mon, 11/07/2016 - 15:03
The media has made a big deal about this in the last couple of weeks, most recently the Chicago Tribune via the Washington Post.  The report used a story from the Huffington Post to illustrate that people open carrying at polling places are doing so to intimidate voters:
On Friday, voters headed to drop off their absentee ballots at a voting location in Virginia's Loudoun County were greeted by a man sporting both a Trump shirt and a gun strapped to his waist, the Huffington Post reported.

"He's like, 'Who are you going to vote for, crooked Hillary?' And I was like, that's really none of your business," Erika Cotti, an active Democrat, told the website.

It may not have been the most effective mode of political outreach. But it wasn't an illegal one. Virginia is an open carry state - and, as in most open carry states, there is no exception for polling places.

Most states have no laws regarding guns in polling places, because, for the most part, they haven't really needed to make them. The confluence of firearms and polling places isn't something America has been concerned about on a national scale - until now.It's a right to carry firearms for personal protection, in Virginia, that includes both open and concealed.  As gun owners, we should decide the best methods so as not to draw unnecessary attention to ourselves.
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NPR: Firearms Industry Soars Amid Election-Year Angst, Shattering Records

Mon, 11/07/2016 - 12:18
NPR has the story here.  NPR spoke to a gun shop owner in California for the story.  The shop owner, David Strickroth, rightly says gun owners are not convinced that Hillary Clinton supports the right of individually keep and bear arms.  He then follows up with this:
... He hears from gun owners and enthusiasts who are afraid that they'll lose their right to own certain types of firearms if Clinton becomes president.

Personally, he doesn't believe that will happen. Strickroth is no fan of Clinton and won't be voting for her on Tuesday, but he says that any restrictions on people's Second Amendment rights will "eventually [get] to the court and the court will say, 'No, you can't do that,' " he says.

He references the uproar and fear that followed the 1968 Gun Control Act and the last two presidential elections and gestures around his gun shop. "I'm still here," he says.We still have people on our side who don't understand the seriousness of this election.  If Hillary Clinton wins, she will have the power to render the Second Amendment irrelevant by making court appointments.  She can also do additional "Executive Actions" that congress will be powerless to overturn because it takes 60 votes in the Senate to move legislation.
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