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Each year, VSSA's lobbying team is at the General Assembly everyday working with legislators to defeat bad bills and pass good bills.  By the time the legislators walk into a subcommittee or committee meeting, they have met with your lobbying team and know the VSSA position on every bill.  You may not see our name in the newspaper or TV news but rest assured, the committee members know our position.  And that work is important now more than ever!

After the Democrats won a majority of seats in the House of Delegates and the State Senate, they wasted no time in prefiling a flood of gun ban legislation.  For the Governor's part he said after the election he is focused on eight things he proposed during the July special session:

His list:

  • "Universal" background checks
  • A ban on firearms with so-called " high capacity" magazines, suppressors and bump stocks
  • Reinstating Virginia’s handgun rationing law
  • Requiring reporting of lost and stolen firearms within 24 hours
  • An "extreme risk protection", or "red flag", law
  • Tougher penalties for allowing children under 18 to access to loaded firearms
  • Allowing municipalities to “enact any firearms ordinances that are stricter than state law”
  • Prohibiting anyone subject to a protective order from possessing firearms

Since legislation began to be posted late last year, gun owners began showing up at local board  and city council meetings making their voices heard in support of Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolutions.  As of January 8th, there were over 100 sanctuary localities with more to come.  Governor Northam and Democrats in the General Assembly took notice. Northam backed away from banning possession of modern sporting rifles already owned, and instead of confiscation, proposed requiring registration of those firearms.  By January 24th, he even retreated from that position and proposed banning the future sale of modern sporting rifles, possession of magazines that hold more than 12 rounds, and banning suppressors.

At the end of the session, the Governor got all that he asked for in some form except the ban on modern sporting rifles, magazines over 12 rounds, and a ban on suppressors.  He has said he will be back for those again next year.  Now is the time to make sure your legislators are fully educated on modern sporting rifles.  Between now and next year please contact your Delegate and Senator and explain to them how these firearms are used for competition, sport, and yes, self-defense.

And finally, support the VSSA War Chest.  This is the fund we use to pay for our legislative efforts.

There's never been a more important time for you to be a VSSA member, renew your membership, and to support the VSSA War Chest.  Only a small portion of member dues are available to help pay for VSSA's campaign and legislative efforts.  Your donations are needed to continue to protect your firearm freedom!!!  Credit card contributions by Visa and Mastercard graciously accepted.


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