Why Join VSSA?

Gun-ban politicians, political appointees and bureaucrats want to restrict your right to buy and sell firearms.  Their agenda begins with limiting private sales at gun shows and ends with a requirement that all gun sales, including between family and friends, include a bacground check.

These same gun-banners are writing regulations, casting votes and passing laws that could all but eliminate your right to shoot on private property or at a gun club and shooting range. Rural locality after rural locality has attempted to pass draconian zoning ordinances that have one aim in mind. Their agenda starts with limiting the hours of operation for gun clubs and ranges...and it ends with an outright ban on your right to shoot on private property!!!!

Only you can stop the anti-gunners and prevent the obliteration of our Second Amendment rights... by joining VSSA today.

Join now and you can add your voice to thousands of Virginia gun owners who have already joined VSSA and help secure your rights for yourself and the next generation. The larger our membership, the louder our voice when we go to the General Assembly to protect and secure YOUR gun rights. Legislators and elected officials understand numbers and when we tell them we are representing thousands of voters who own firearms and these gun owners vote, it has an impact on those officials. Gun owners should join as many gun-rights organizations as possible.  Each group has its place in the fight and the more members each has the more successful their efforts will be.

Membership in VSSA is open to all law-abiding citizens interested in protecting the Second Amendment. Women are the fasted growing segment of the firearms community and VSSA wants you too.  Our affiliated clubs host clinics for women and they always sell out.

Remember: VSSA is the firewall standing between your firearms freedoms and those who would take them away. And we need your help to win! Thanks for acting today.

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