Advocacy and Grassroots

VSSA works hard to protect your right to keep and bear arms. We monitor legislative activity at the State and local levels to protect the rights of law abiding Virginia shooters, hunters and firearms collectors. The VSSA legislative team works closely with members of the General Assembly in writing and passing legislation. When necessary we ask VSSA members to contact legislators to ensure that the collective voice of Virginia shooters is heard. The larger our membership base, the louder our voice at the State Capitol.

Every year VSSA’s lobbying team works to:

  • Protect gun shows and your right to sell parts of your privately owned firearms collection to other private citizens;
  • Enhance Virginia’s Concealed Handgun Permit Statute to allow storage of your firearm in your car while you are parked in a parking lot at work or other location;
  • Pass of “Castle Doctrine” legislation to put into law that you have the right to protect yourself in your home free from the fear that a criminal may sue you for doing so;
  • Enhance Virginia’s range protection statute to fight attempts from anti-gunners who attempt to use noise complaints from anti-gun residents; and ,
  • Protect Virginia’s pre-emption statute to prevent a patchwork of gun laws from one locality to the next