VSSA and the Media

As the Official State Association of the NRA, the Virginia Shooting Sports Association (VSSA) is a key informational source for media professionals reporting on issues related to gun rights, hunting, and the shooting sports.  The VSSA legislative team are leaders in protecting the rights of law abiding gun owners and are available to talk with, and welcomes the media's inquiry about state and local firearms issues.

Please direct all media inquiries to:

David Adams
President and Legislative Committee Chairman
Virginia Shooting Sports Association
Phone: 804-382-9501
  • Virginia Senate Bill 1299 and House Bill 1852 would allow a person under the protection of an unexpired protection order to carry a concealed handgun for 45 days after the order was issued. This would allow the victim sufficient time to apply for a concealed carry permit. Virginia Senate Bill 1023 would prohibit the sharing of information about concealed handgun permits with any state that does not recognize Virginia permits. Dave Adams of the Virginia Shooting Sport Association says that this is the second time around for the important legislation. Governor Terry McAuliffe vetoed the domestic violence-related bills, citing a lack of training. The information sharing legislation forbids states like Maryland or New Jersey from going on fishing expeditions against gun owners. Originally aired on Cam & Co 02/03/17.

  • Event Founder Steve Canale speaking to the attendees in 2013 at the 15th Anniversary event about the accomplishments of the last 15 years.


  • March 14, 2016 Legislative Wrap-up