First Time Login Instructions

On May 16th, 2017, an upgraded version of the VSSA web site went online.   The redesign was necessary because Google uses mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal in search results, rewarding websites that are fully optimized for mobile platforms. VSSA's old web site did not meet this requirement.  These changes make it easier for the VSSA website to be included in more searches when people are looking for Virginia gun rights and shooting sports information, and allow the VSSA web site to be accessed easily whether it is being used on a desktop PC, tablet, or smartphone.  The upgrade was made possible through a generous grant from the NRA.

Members and non-members can still access the VSSA web site.  Current members who want to renew their membership online will need to create a one time login.  This will allow members to renew their memberships, update addresses and any other information related to their membership, online.  To create the login, you can either wait until it is time to renew your membership, or you can do it now.   Simply go to, complete the information on the page and click submit.  The web master will send a temporary password to you within 24 hours (passwords are not automatically generated for first time login so it may take up-to 24 hours for a response).  When you log in for the first time, you will be able to change the password by clicking "Edit" on your membership page (the username will always be your member number), use the temporary password in the "Current Password" block then type the new password you wish to use in the "Password" box and again in the "Confirm" box.  Once you have done this you are all set.  Simply click the "Memberships" tab to renew your membership.  If you ever forget your password after you have logged in for the first time, you can choose the option of having a new password sent automatically to you. 

Note: For people who joined VSSA after May 16th, 2017, and are logging in for the first time after completing your purchase (i.e. to renew your initial membership) please note that your username defaults to your member number after your purchase is completed regardless of the username you created at the time you joined.  This was done to prevent spam accounts from being created.  When you login to renew your membership, you need to put your member number in the username field then enter your password.  If for some reason you are still unable to log in at that point, simply click the link to have a new password automatically emailed to you, or, email and your password will be reset manually within 24 hours and emailed to you. 

For members who have logged in at least once since May 16, 2017, and want to renew their memberships, after logging in, click the "Memberships" tab on your account page, then click the link that says "Renew" by your active membership to renew the current membership level, or if you want to choose a different membership (i.e. a membership that includes Virginia Wildlife or a longer membership like 3-year or life) click the "Change Membership" link.

Only VSSA members can create a login account and is necessary to renew memberships online.  Members can access all other information on the website except membership renewals and donations without logging in.