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King George 4H Shotgun Club 2021 Season Supported By VSSA

Fri, 07/16/2021 - 15:19

The King George 4H Shooting Club had a very active 2021 season and VSSA was able to provide support for the team this year.  That support would not be possible without our members who renew their memberships each year.  This year's support allowed  the fifteen (15) member Club to conduct weekly practices at their home club at Northern Virginia Gun Club as well as attend offsite shooting events.  Below are a few of this year's activities and photos from the season.

Team members Owen, Ethan, Ken©, Kendall, Nathan, John, Jordan, Jim, James, Jessica, Kenny© Scott, Jon© and Adam attended. Grace, Kiersten and Alex were unable to attend.

2021 Virginia Youth Trap League (VYTL)

The VYTL was a 7-week 50 round per week league shooting 16yd Trap singles conducted at and sponsored by ATA Registered Clubs across Virginia. Approximately ninety VA youth participated in the 2021 VYTL. Twelve KG4HSC members shot in the VYTL at Northern Virginia Gun Club (NVGC) during April and May. The VYTL awards were presented June 6 2021 as a part of the award/results of the 2021 VA AIM Championship. Kendall Rhodes won the 2021 Overall Virginia VYTL Championship with a top score of 246/250. John Parker won the 2021 Virginia VYTL Junior Gold Class Championship with a top score of 238/250.

Kendall and John were awarded Trophies, shells and gift certificates for performance/scores in the VYTL. Kendall won a metal, 17 boxes of shells and a Cabela Gift Certificate John won a medal, 4 boxes of shells and a Cabela Gift Certificate  

2021 Virginia ATA/AIM Championship

 The Virginia Trapshooting Association (VTA) conducted the Virginia AIM Championship June 6 2021 as part of the 33 Annual Virginia Hall of Fame Trapshooting Tournament at the Winchester Gun Club (WGC).

John Parker was the 2021 AIM Junior Gold Class Champion with a score of 196/200.
Kendall was the 2021 AIM Junior Gold Lady Champion with a score of 188/200.

The KG4HSC Junior Gold Team was runner-up in the Junior Gold Team Championship with a score of 869/1000.  The championship winning team had a score of 898/1000.0

Jr Gold Team Members were Owen, Ethan, Nathan, Kendall, and John.

Junior Team Members participating in the ATA/AIM Champions were Jessica, Jordan, Scott and James

AIM “Shoot-Off” AwardsKendall won the “Shoot-Off” for a Leather engraved shooting bag. Eight Youth shooters competed in the event. Kendall won her 5-person team event with a 25/25. She then went head-to-head with the winner of the second team. She won that match and the Leather engraved shooting bag with a 24/25.

A five-member team was selected in a “shoot-off” for shotgun shells. Jessica won a case (10 boxes) of shells. Her score was 15/25.

Congratulations to all of these young shooters.  VSSA was happy to contribute to your success.

Bongino Takes A Look At 2015 Column Comparing Attack on Smoking and Guns

Tue, 07/13/2021 - 12:10

In yesterday's Dan Bongino Podcast, Bongino took a look back at a 2015 Op/Ed written by Jonah Goldberg that compared the anti-rights crowd's attack on guns, to the attack on tobacco in the 90s.  In the article, Goldberg looked at why the gun ban crowd has been an utter failure compared to the success that the anti-smoking campaign achieved when it went after tobacco.

For a long time, smoking cigarettes was seen as even more American than owning a gun. Hollywood’s golden age is like a celluloid smoking lounge. The opening scene of “Casablanca” is a close-up of an ashtray with a lit cigarette. The camera pans out and Humphrey Bogart takes a nice long drag.

Cigarettes, much like guns, were deeply tied to notions of masculinity — remember the Marlboro Man? But they were also symbols of urbane sophistication, for men and women alike (Marlene Dietrich in “Morocco,” Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”). James Bond was a chain smoker. In the books, he smoked 60 a day. Sean Connery cut back, just a bit, for the movies.

Now cigarettes are so widely reviled that the MPAA includes smoking along with violence and sex in its warning language.Goldberg went on to conclude that to the gun ban crowd, guns are like cigarettes — products that when used as intended only hurt or kill people. The real reason the war on guns has been such an abysmal failure is that they aren’t alike after all, because there are many uses for a firearm, whether it is hunting, sport shooting, or self defense.  You can watch Bongino talk about the article below.

New Book Published by VSSA Member Dennis Chapman

Fri, 07/09/2021 - 10:44

 A new book titled "The AR-15 Controversy: Semiautomatic Rifles and the Second Amendment" was recently published and the author, Dennis Chapman, is a VSSA member.  Dennis is an attorney and retired Army officer. He wrote this book with the express purpose of refuting and demolishing all of the arguments, misconceptions and distortions regularly raised to support banning the AR-15 Rifle.  

Taking a multidisciplinary approach, this book examines common assumptions about the capabilities, applications, utility, and lethality of semiautomatic rifles such as the AR-15. Informed by multiple domains including law, criminology, military doctrine, personal safety, and recreation, this book explores topics such as whether or not the AR-15 is, in fact, a "weapon of war"; whether such firearms are more lethal in the hands of criminals than other firearms; and the utility of the AR-15 and similar rifles in legitimate civilian shooting applications including self-defense, targeting shooting, competitive shooting, hunting, and collecting. Topics include firearms technology in the courts; the movement to ban the AR-15; military vs. civilian firearms; the emergence of semiautomatic firearms technology; the specific features of the AR-15 and other "assault-style" firearms; infantry combat and violent crime compared; and the prevalence of the AR-15 and similar firearms as civilian self-defense and sporting arms.

You can get a copy of the book at:



Barnes & Noblehttps://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-ar-15-controversy-dennis-chapman/1139699694?ean=9780578928036 

VSSA Video Call with Second Amendment Foundation's Glen Caroline

Fri, 07/09/2021 - 09:16

 If you weren't able to join us for the video conference call with the Second Amendment Foundation's Director of External Affairs Glen Caroline, you can view the recording of the recording here.

Mark Levin and Dr. John Lott Discuss Biden's Gun Control

Thu, 06/24/2021 - 09:38

On Wednesday's Mark Levin radio show, Dr. John Lott, President of the Crime Prevention Research Center, called in to explain how the gun ban lobby now wants to go after firearm manufacturers and firearm retailers for shooting liability.  Levin said while the administration is attacking manufacturers and dealers,  there is no accountability for George Soros and the likes of similar activist donors electing passive district attorneys that are soft on crime and hard on gun owners and dealers.  The audio of the conversation is below.

VSSA · Mark Levin Talks with Dr. John Lott on Biden's Gun Control

Crush’n Clays Charity Wrap-up

Mon, 06/14/2021 - 13:56

by Pamela Meara

This year the Arlington-Fairfax Chapter, Inc, IWLA (ARL-FX) co-hosted the Crush’n Clays charity event in support of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital with the Virginia Shooting Sports Association (VSSA).  We had a good turnout of about 90 shooters who participated in the 22nd annual charity event June 12th at the Chapter shotgun range. Over the past 22 years this event has raised over $350,000 in support of St. Jude. Crush'n Clays is not only the longest running shooting charity supporting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, but also it is the longest consecutive running shooting charity event in the country. Participants were provided with ammunition, event t-shirts, and lunch with their paid registration in the event. Lunch this year lunch was catered by Tony’s New York Pizza in Manassas, Virginia, and was a huge success.  

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital was founded by entertainer Danny Thomas to treat children with cancer and other catastrophic illnesses because he believed no child should die in the dawn of life. Since St. Jude was established, the survival rate for the most common type of childhood cancer, leukemia, has increased from 4 percent in 1962 to 94 percent today. During this time, the overall survival rate for childhood cancers has risen from 20 percent to 80 percent. Unlike other hospitals, the majority of funding for St. Jude comes from generous donors. 

The trap shooting event consisted of 25 targets from the 16-yard line and 25 targets from the 23-yard line. Both individuals and four-person teams competed in the event. In the team competition the best three scores on each squad counted for the team score. All participants competed for High Overall. The festivities began with a shotgun clinic for novice competitors. Suburban Electric team won the ‘High Team’ award, and Tom Muddiman won the shoot off over Tim Tynan for the win for ‘High Over All’. 

As always, the Annie Oakley event drew a huge number of participants. Many participants entered the event multiple times resulting in well over 100 entries during the day. The Annie Oakley event also had tremendous spectator appeal, pitting the skills of one shooter against another. Half of the entry fees for the event is awarded to the eventual winner of each squad and the other half goes to St. Jude. 

Again, this year we welcomed many sponsors, including a couple of new ones, without whose continuing and generous support this event would not be as successful as it is today. Among this year’s sponsors were Suburban Electric, Whiting-Turner Contracting Company, D & F Construction, Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative. Mid-Atlantic Bowhunters and the National Rifle Association. 

The hosts of this year’s event, Bob Brino, Pamela Meara, Joe Turner, Lu Charette, and Andrea Smith would like to give a special thank you to all our hosts and sponsors along with all the volunteers whose tireless efforts made the event a great success. Being the event was cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic, we are grateful we were able to have the event this year.

NRA National Matches

Mon, 06/14/2021 - 11:25


From the NRA Competitive Shooting Division:

As you and your club members are setting your shooting and vacation calendars for the year, make sure to include the NRA National Championship Matches. Whether your club shoots Smallbore Rifle, Precision Pistol, or High Power, we have matches just for you at the Championships.

All of the National Matches are now located at the first-class facilities of Camp Atterbury, outside Edinburgh, Indiana. With state-of-the-art new ranges and outstanding support from the Indiana National Guard and the Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association, competitors will experience a comfortable, safe, and relaxing environment to shoot their best.

The Championships will kick off with the Smallbore Rifle Championships, July 6-18. Smallbore shooters can select from Conventional and Metric 3-Position, Conventional and Metric Prone, F-Class Conventional and Metric, and many fired and unfired team matches. Consider taking the Iron Man challenge and fire all of the Smallbore Rifle Championship matches for a chance to win the Lones Wigger Trophy, and be one of the few with Iron Man bragging rights.

On July 20, check-in starts for the NRA Precision Pistol Championships, followed by five days of matches for .22 Rimfire Pistols, Centerfire Pistols, and .45 ACP Pistols. You can also fire the Harry Reeves and Distinguished matches.

The National High Power Championships launch their first shot downrange with squadded practice on July 22. Take your pick from the F-Class Mid-Range, F-Class Long Range, Fullbore, Mid-Range, and Long Range Championships.

Start your NRA National Matches journey by visiting the National Matches homepage and clicking on the National Match Calendar and the National Match Program. Learn more about Camp Atterbury facilities, Covid precautions, available base competitor lodging, and local hotels and attractions, by clicking on the National Match Info Handout.

Register at the NRA Competitive Shooting Web Portal -- and start getting all your gear together, tweak your sights, and plan to have a great shooting vacation.

NRA Ratings for GOP Candidates Running for Statewide Office

Fri, 04/23/2021 - 11:38

The NRA Political Victory Fund has posted ratings for all of the GOP candidates running for one of the three statewide offices in 2021.  The Republican Party is holding an "unassembled" convention to nominate candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General on May 8.  There will be locations in each of the 11 Congressional Districts where pre-filed delegates will cast their vote.   

It should be noted that only Glenn Youngkin, candidate for Governor, is the only candidate with a A rating of "?".  This rating indicates a candidate who either refused to answer the NRA-PVF candidate questionnaire, or who has made contradictory statements, or taken positions that are inconsistent with the candidate's answers to the NRA-PVF candidate questionnaire or previous record.  A rating of "?" often indicates indifference, if not outright hostility, to gun owners' and sportsmen's rights.to not respond to the NRA questionnaire.  

If you have filed to be a delegate to this year's GOP convention, the NRA ratings are below so you can find those candidates who have a record, or who have pledged (with an AQ rating) to protect your right to keep and bear arms.

STATEWIDE - Governor
Kirk Cox - A
Candidate (R)
Pete Snyder - AQ
Candidate (R)
Amanda Chase - A
Candidate (R)
Glenn Youngkin - ?
Candidate (R)
Sergio de la Pena - AQ
Candidate (R)

STATEWIDE - Lt. Governor
Tim Hugo - A
Candidate (R)
Lance Allen - AQ
Candidate (R)
Glenn Davis - A
Candidate (R)
Winsome Sears - AQ
Candidate (R)
Puneet Ahluwalia - AQ
Candidate (R)

STATEWIDE - Attorney General
Jason Miyares - A
Candidate (R)
Leslie Haley - AQ
Candidate (R)
Chuck Smith - AQ
Candidate (R)
Jack White -AQ
Candidate (R)

Dr. John R. Lott on Why Gun Control Does Not Reduce Crime

Thu, 04/22/2021 - 13:47

 The Epoch Times "American Thought Leaders" recently looked into the question of whether gun control measures prevent crime or do they actually do the opposite.

In the below episode, Dr. John R. Lott breaks down the biggest misconceptions he sees around gun control, how media coverage skews people’s perceptions, and why he believes gun control measures will actually harm minorities and the most vulnerable.

Kirk Cox for Governor Day at the Range

Thu, 04/15/2021 - 14:51

If you support Delegate Kirk Cox for Governor, here is a chance to join him and fellow sportsmen for a Day at the Range on April 24 at Tar Bay Gun Club! The event will be at 13560 Moody Rd in North Prince George.

Note: Sharing of this opportunity should not be considered an endorsement of any candidate currently running for the Republican Nomination for Governor.  VSSA has not endorsed a candidate in this race.  Delegate Cox is one of several candidates running.  He has a very pro-gun voting record as a member of the House of Delegates.