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National Gun Ban Group Drops $300,000 on Misleading Ad to Influence Virginia Election

VSSA - Thu, 10/10/2019 - 09:16
Dave Workman lays out the details at Ammoland.com.  Workman points out that the ad uses a common tactic of the gun ban lobby - combining suicides with homicides to get to the "Guns kill more than 1,000 Virginians every year" number. The breakdown Workman provided is below:
According to the FBI data, last year saw 391 murders, of which 297 involved firearms. Handguns are linked to 141 of those slayings, rifles accounted for eight and shotguns were used in five more. There were 143 murders in which the firearm was not identified. That’s down from the 453 murders reported by the FBI in 2017. Of those, 338 involved firearms, with 156 committed with handguns, and 11 each with rifles or shotguns. There were 160 slayings in which the firearm was “unknown.”The gun ban lobby has coined a new term  - "gun reform" - when pushing their agenda.  The only thing their proposals equal is an infringement of the rights of Virginia's law abiding gun owners.  If we don't show up at the polls in November, they will pass every proposal they have been pushing for the last 20 years, and Governor Northam will sign them.

Mayor Stoney Proposes Ordinance Victimizing Victims of Gun Thefts

VSSA - Wed, 10/09/2019 - 12:16
WRIC News 8 reports that Richmond Mayor Lavar Stoney announced this morning a new city ordinance that would fine gun owners $125 for the first offense and $250 for a second offense of failing to report a lost or stolen firearm within 24 hours.
“We all need to play a role in keeping our communities safe, and we can no longer wait for the General Assembly to act,” Mayor Stoney said. “This piece of legislation will be another tool in the toolbox of our police department that will help reduce crime and improve public safety.”

Mayor Stoney said this ordinance would take effect ‘immediately’ upon passage by City Council. Lamenting that the General Assembly has not done enough to curb so-called "gun violence", he said the ordinance would take effect upon passage.  Problem is, Virginia has a pre-emption law so Stoney is putting the cart before the horse on this one.

Gun Ban Lobby Has a Problem with Delegate Hugo Targeting Real Causes of Violence

VSSA - Wed, 10/09/2019 - 12:01
Below is an image of a recent mailer that Delegate Tim Hugo sent in his re-election campaign.
If you click the image, you can see that Delegate Hugo is touting the legislation he has sponsored, and (with the exception of so-called "red flag" legislation) passed to address those who use firearms illegally.  None of the measures that passed impact law abiding gun owners, and it seems that is what the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) doesn't like.  The called him out on Twitter, and used an image of a recent post from this blog to accuse him of serving the "gun lobby".
.@TimHugo campaign sent out a mailing on how he “supports” he was on gun violence prevention, yet here is the write up on his race from @vssa & amplified by @VCDL_ORG.

Hugo is trying to fool the voters of #hd40 — he serves the gun lobby, not safety of Virginians. @HelmerVA pic.twitter.com/8xZx9Piwnw— Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (@CSGV) October 9, 2019 It appears they only support measures that infringe on the rights of law abiding gun owners because they also called out Ohio Governor Mike DeWine because the anti-violence proposals he outlined yesterday did not included any of the favored gun ban proposals touted by groups like CSGV.
Our Director of State Affairs @Jenifers: “In days following shooting, people across Buckeye state called for state officials to ‘do something’ to address scourge of gun violence. Despite public outcry for action, @GovMikeDeWine has done almost nothing"https://t.co/10SiipQR3J— Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (@CSGV) October 9, 2019 Don't be fooled.  Groups like CSGV know nothing about firearm safety.  They don't teach how to safely use a firearm because they don't want you to own firearms.  They use the term "gun safety" to mask their real agenda - infringing on your right to keep an bear arms.  But now that Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke has let the cat out of the bag, the charade is over.

Gun owners support real solutions to address crime committed with firearms, not talking point slogans for the sake of just "doing something".  And that is why the gun ban lobby is opposing Delegate Hugo.

Christopher Newport University Poll Shows We Have a Lot of Work to Do Before Election Day

VSSA - Wed, 10/09/2019 - 11:15
A new poll released October 7th, by the Wason Center for Public Policy at Christopher Newport University, shows a significant enthusiasm gap between Democrats and Republicans going into the final month of the campaign. According to the poll, Democrats are leading Republicans by 13 points among likely voters, 49% to 36%, with a huge advantage over Republicans on voter enthusiasm, 62% to 49%. The poll also notes that 84% of Democrats say they will "definitely vote," compared with 74% of Republicans and 75% of independents:
"Given the significant interest and enthusiasm gaps measured in this survey, we expect some version of the Trump bump to manifest in the 2019 Virginia state legislative elections,” said Rachel Bitecofer, the study’s author and the Wason Center’s elections analyst.

Voters are more likely to vote for candidates advocating gun control than those who do not, the poll found, with 83% of likely voters in favor of expanding background checks and 67% of likely voters indicating they would be more likely to support a candidate who supports banning assault weapons.The results of the poll were based on 726 interviews of active, registered voters in Virginia including 238 on landline and 489 on cellphone.  The poll was conducted Sept. 4 through Sept. 30 and is the first of three surveys the Wason Center will conduct on the upcoming 2019 Virginia state legislative elections.

We have our work cut out for us to say the least.

Virginia Beach Democrat Senate Candidate Invokes May's Mass Shooting in Campaign Ad

VSSA - Wed, 10/09/2019 - 11:11
The Virginia Mercury has the story here.
“I walked out of the bathroom and saw the gunman on the other end of the hallway,” she says in a political ad released at the end of September. “I saw a coworker in the middle, and he looked at me and he yelled, ‘Go.’ So I was lucky, but not everyone was.”

Missy Cotter Smasal, Democratic candidate for the 8th State Senate District, sponsored and released the ad. She’s one of the first candidates in Virginia Beach to explicitly mention in campaign materials the mass shooting that left 13 people dead, including the gunman, and injured four more.

Cotter Smasal is challenging Sen. Bill DeSteph, R-Virginia Beach, who has served in the General Assembly since 2014. Both are former naval officers. The article goes on to give opposing views of the impact of this past May's shooting on the election.
Joshua Zingher, a political scientist at Old Dominion University, said other states that have experienced mass shootings haven’t had huge political upheaval afterward.

“The effects of mass shootings can be very short-lived. I don’t anticipate some anomaly in Virginia Beach either as a function of guns or gun reform or lack of gun reform or the mass shooting specifically,” he said.

Quentin Kidd, a political scientist at Christopher Newport University, said he thinks the shooting and gun policy will motivate a key voting bloc — white suburban women, who are “driving politics in Virginia Beach” and areas outside of Richmond. Those are also the areas where the Democratic Party is hanging its hopes to win a majority in the statehouse. One thing is for sure, the gun ban lobby and their financial supporters from outside Virginia are pouring millions into the Commonwealth to try and influence the election and flip the assembly. And remember what we shared earlier this week regarding what former Governor Terry McAuliffe said at a fundraiser in Richmond last week.  If we don't want to become California or New Jersey, get out and work for the pro-gun candidate in your district and get as many gun owners to the polls in November as you can.

Your Chance to Win A Gun A Week from Virginia's Friends of NRA

VSSA - Wed, 10/09/2019 - 10:16
Every year the Friends of NRA sells calendars that give you the opportunity to win a gun a week.  And, if you win, that doesn't mean you are done.  You could win more than once.
Click on the image above to get more information and purchase your 2020 Calendar.

Roanoke County Lowers Fee for Concealed Handgun Permits

VSSA - Tue, 10/08/2019 - 12:53
The Board of Supervisors in Roanoke County, Va., voted Sept. 24 to lower the fee for concealed handgun permits (CHP) from $50 to $40.  The resolution passed on a 3-2 vote.  The two voting no believed the fee should have been lowered to $25.00.  The change will take effect on July 1, 2020. According to the Roanoke County Circuit Court Clerk, approximately 2,000 CHPs are issued annually to county residents. Other counties in the region that have adopted a $40 fee include Montgomery County and Bedford County, with Bedford county having recently reduced their fee to $15 on a one-year trial basis.

What is at Stake for Virginia Gun Owners

VSSA - Mon, 10/07/2019 - 13:46
Last Wednesday, former Governor Terry McAuliffe made the Democrats' real agenda known. At a fundraiser for Democrat Senate Candidate Joe Morrissey, McAuliffe was quoted saying:
“We’re going to win this, and guess what. We're going to get gun restrictions overnight, we are going to make Virginia a new state.”We've been saying this for the last two years!  Now, Terry McAuliffe, in Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke style, made it known exactly what is in store for Virginia gun owners if we lose the pro-rights majority in both houses of the Virginia General Assembly.  McAuliffe's words should be a rallying cry for  Virginia gun owners to use the next month to do all we can to support the legislators that support our rights.

Here are several House Districts that need your help.

House District 30 - Delegate Nick Freitas - To vote for Delegate Freitas, you will need to ask for a write-in ballot.  Through some snafu, his name was not included on the ballot and we need him in the House of Delegates.

House District 66 - Delegate Kirk Cox - House Speaker Kirk Cox's district was redrawn by the federal court and the U.S. Supreme Court found that the House of Delegates did not have standing to challenge a lower court's ruling that several districts had been racially gerrymandered.  As you will see in the link, the redrawn district leans Democratic.  The gun ban lobby has targeted Delegate Cox, comparing him to U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for blocking their gun control agenda.  Delegate Cox needs your help.

House District 40 - Delegate Tim Hugo - Delegate Hugo is likely the most endangered member of the House of Delegates.  He is the only Republican member in the General Assembly from Northern Virginia (Fairfax).  Delegate Hugo has been a strong supporter of our right to keep and bear arms.  He needs gun owners to turn out strong in his district.

In addition to the three above, below are additional members that need your help to win on election day and protect our rights:

Del. Chris Jones, HD 76 (This is another district that was redrawn by the courts to favor Democrats)
Sen. Amanda Chase, SD 11
Sen. Siobhan Dunnavant, SD 12
Del. Glenn Davis, HD 84
Del. Chris Stolle, HD 83
Sen. Bill DeSteph, SD 8
Sen. Bryce Reeves, SD 17 (Senator Reeves is a VSSA Member)
Del. Roxann Robinson, HD 27
Del. Rob Bloxom, HD 100
Del. Barry Knight, HD 81
Del. David Yancey, HD 94
Sen. Glen Sturtevant, SD 10
Jen Kiggans, SD 7 (This is an open seat vacated when Senator Frank Wagner took a job in the Northam Administration

SCOTUS Denies Mootness Suggestion in NYRPA and New York City

VSSA - Mon, 10/07/2019 - 11:26
The gun ban lobby and New York City have been frantically trying to get the U.S. Supreme Court to moot the NYRPA case against New York City's ban on transporting a firearm outside the home.  They went so far as to change the law (but not in a way to make it constitutional), and the state of New York even passed a law telling New York City they cannot have such an ordinance, then they went to the court and said the case against them is now moot because they changed the law.  SCOTUS this morning denied their request to dismiss the case and oral arguments will proceed on December 2nd. Both sides were told to prepare to discuss the mootness issue then.

ALERT: #SCOTUS re NYSRPA v. NYC in Order List: “The Respondents’ Suggestion of Mootness is denied. The question of mootness will be subject to further consideration at oral argument, and the parties should be prepared to discuss it.” https://t.co/peZTdWTnRK #appellatetwitter pic.twitter.com/ELlAhnHN3q— Firearms Policy Coalition (@gunpolicy) October 7, 2019
VSSA joined the case in an amicus brief in support of our sister association earlier this year.  VSSA Life Member and Second Amendment scholar Steve Halbrook will be on Bearing Arms Cam and Company later today to discuss the decision by the court and the importance of this case.

Green Top Purchases Winding Brook Indoor Shooting Range Next to Ashland Bass Pro

VSSA - Wed, 10/02/2019 - 11:48
Green Top Sporting Goods announced plans today to purchase, rebrand, and assume operations of Winding Brook Indoor Shooting Range, which is located at 11547 Lakeridge Parkway in Ashland, Virginia. The new venture for Green Top, which is the largest independent outdoor retailer and firearms dealer in the Mid-Atlantic, will be called Green Top Shooting Range.“I am so excited to bring the Green Top brand along with our product knowledge, expertise,  and amazing customer service to the existing members of Winding Brook Indoor Shooting Range, as well as to our thousands of Green Top customers," said Blaine Altaffer, President/CEO of Green Top Sporting Goods. "We have thrived over the past 70 years in large part due to our steadfast commitment to above-and-beyond customer service. Green Top Shooting Range will provide a genuinely user-friendly experience where guests can try both before and after they buy and we think that is something that our customers will really appreciate."Besides operating the existing 24-lane, climate-controlled indoor shooting range, the new ownership is reestablishing 2,000 sq. ft. of retail space at the facility, as well the return of a stout training program, which will include classes for women, general firearms safety, beginners, and a full complement of training classes to be added in the near future."Our immediate plans include bringing a large assortment of firearms to rent and buy along with a full complement of range accessories, ammo, and gear," Altaffer said. "I'm really looking forward to meeting all of the current members of Winding Brook Indoor Shooting Range over the next few months as well as extending an invitation to all Green Top customers to come give it a try.”Over the past 70 years, the Green Top brand has developed an extremely loyal following with outdoors and firearms enthusiasts, and Altaffer believes this expansion into the experiential side of shooting sports will help nurture that loyalty even more."One of the core components of our go-to market strategy at Green Top is experience-based retail," he said. "By giving our customers a place to take training classes and experience shooting a firearm at a hands-on, safe indoor shooting range only two miles from the Green Top store supports that strategy."
The newly rebranded Green Top Shooting Range will be a big feature at this weekend's annual Green Top Outdoor Expo on Oct. 5-6, which is free to the public. Over two days, this event will host more than 180 of the biggest manufacturers from the outdoor industry’s most loved brands, including Ariat Boots, Sig Sauer, Daniel Defense, Elite Archery, Green Top Outfitters, Jackson Kayaks, Nikon Optics, Remington, Smith & Wesson, Seigler Reels, Penn, Parker Bows, Big Green Egg, Yeti, and more. These manufacturers are sending more than 250 representatives to the event who will be meeting with attendees, offering product demonstrations, giving seminars, and more.

Annual Meeting Wrap-up an Raffle Winners

VSSA - Wed, 10/02/2019 - 11:39
The VSSA meeting was held Saturday, September 28, at the Arlington-Fairfax IWLA in Centreville, VA.  Attendees had the chance to meet fellow members, enjoy a great meal, and hear from two great speakers.  NRA 2nd Vice President and VSSA Member Willes Lee gave blessed the meal then after dinner, NRA Secretary (an VSSA member) John Frazer spoke and updated members on the work that NRA is doing to protect our rights from the current attacks.  He talked about the importance of cases that are currently making their way through the courts, including one that VSSA has joined in an amicus brief - New York State Rifle and Pistol Association vs New York City.  This case is scheduled for oral arguments on December 2nd but New York City and the gun ban lobby are trying to make the case that the case is moot.

Then VSSA's lobbyist Rich Savage spoke.  He reinforced how important this year's election is for Virginia gun owners.  During the question and answer period, one member asked what our plan is if we loose the majority in both houses.  Rich replied that we will use our relationships with some of the members to try and build coalitions to stop legislation, and in cases when that is not successful, we will try to neuter bad legislation as much as possible.  But Rich pulled no punches.  He said in the current environment where we have absolutely no pro-rights Democrats, both of those are going to be extremely hard.

Congratulations to this year's Annual Member Raffle.  The Winners are below.

First Prize:Leonard J.ChesapeakeSecond Prize:Haywood B.NorfolkThird Prize:Andy H.Rhoadesville

Herring Joins Gun Ban State AGs in Letter to Congress on Ammo Restrictions

VSSA - Thu, 09/26/2019 - 10:10
WFXR has the story.  It is a letter asking Congress to pass "Jamie's Law" named after one of the students killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School in Parkland.  It would require that in order to buy ammunition, you be licensed to own a firearm or undergo background check.    Proponent's call it closing the "ammo loophole".  A similar requirement was included in the New York "SAFE Act".  That requirement didn't work out so well. 

House Impeachment Inquiry Puts Brakes on White House Gun Control Talks

VSSA - Thu, 09/26/2019 - 10:10
Yesterday, Cam Edwards of Bearingarms.com interviewed Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation.  Gottlieb talked discussed his thoughts on where congress may be headed.  At the beginning of the program, Cam mentioned that the White House has put the brakes on discussions related to gun control with the House of Representatives talk of impeachment.  You can hear Cam's report and the interview below.

White House Gun Control Infighting May be Family Affair

VSSA - Tue, 09/24/2019 - 08:38
Politico had this article yesterday that White House infighting is holding up movement on gun control, and it isn't just infighting among political advisers, it appears to also involve family:
Competing factions inside the White House have stymied efforts to unite behind gun legislation, further delaying President Donald Trump from getting behind any plan.

On one side is Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and adviser, and Attorney General William Barr. Both are urging the president to back new firearms restrictions — including expanded background checks for gun sales — insisting he can be the leader who succeeds on an intractable issue that has bedeviled his predecessors and that he can win back moderate suburban voters in the process, according to people involved in the discussions.

On the other side, a group that includes Donald Trump Jr., the president’s son and an avid hunter, and a top aide to acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, is telling Trump he risks losing support from his conservative base if he pushes too aggressively on new gun control legislation, they say.

Then there’s Trump, who has heard all of these arguments privately but publicly hasn’t committed to any plan. For weeks, he’s left Washington guessing on whether he’d support any gun control legislation and what form the legislation would take.After the story was original posted, the White House refuted the claim and said they were "united" in developing what the President wants, which is a solution that will make America safer while protecting Second Amendment rights.

It is important to continue to contact the White House and make your voice heard.  Politely tell the President that you oppose all of the gun control that is being proposed, including so-called "red flag" laws, so-called "universal background checks" that will criminalize the sale of private property, and banning standard capacity magazines and modern sporting rifles commonly referred to inaccurately as "assault weapons".

Hat tip to Cam Edwards.

Dave Kopel on the Precarious State of the Heller Decision

VSSA - Mon, 09/23/2019 - 12:56
Earlier this month, Dave Kopel had this article at National Review.
The McDonald Court declared that the Second Amendment is not a “second-class right,” to be “singled out for special — and specially unfavorable — treatment.” In 2019, however, Heller is in a precarious situation: There have been numerous victories for gun rights, but many lower courts have in practice nullified the Second Amendment. Later this year, the Supreme Court may hear a case involving egregious Second Amendment infringements by the New York City government. The Court should take the opportunity not only to strike New York’s abuses, but also to firmly remind lower courts that the Second Amendment is a first-class civil right.Kopel goes on to detail what has occurred in the lower courts since Heller and McDonald and how the Supreme Court has refused to correct them, possibly because of uncertainty about what Justice Kennedy would do.  The New York case is the first to make it to the high court.  New York City has done everything they can to get the Court to dismiss the case but it is scheduled for oral arguments in December.  VSSA joined an amicus brief in the case earlier this spring.

It does us no good to have a court opinion that is not enforced.  Hopefully this will give us an indication of whether the Supreme Court will finally get serious about Heller, or if they are going to  continue to let lower courts thumb their noses at the justices.

Pressure Mounts on President Trump to "Do Something"

VSSA - Thu, 09/12/2019 - 10:02
NBC News reported yesterday that the President is expected to make a decision this week on what gun control measures he will support.
"So we're looking at background checks and we are looking at putting everything together in a unified way so that we can have something that’s meaningful at the same time," the president said."So we're looking at background checks and we are looking at putting everything together in a unified way so that we can have something that’s meaningful at the same time," the president said.

Following a 40-minute call with Trump and his staff Wednesday, Sens. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., Chris Murphy, D-Conn., and Joe Manchin, D-W. Va., said they were told to expect something from the White House on Thursday, though the president had not specifically signaled what bills he was likely to support.

"It was a very engaging conversation for quite a period of time and everybody was able to have their back-and-forths on this and the president is still very encouraging," Manchin said. "I believe he sincerely wants to move forward and do something. We're going to know, hopefully by tomorrow, if there's something that we can all agree on, and once we agree on something we're going to hold to it and fight for it, so we'll see what happens."Then this morning the New York Times reported that 145 CEOs sent a letter to the Senate urging it to "pass stronger gun control laws."
The letter signers on Thursday include the leaders of Airbnb, the Gap, Pinterest, Lyft, the Brookfield Property Group and Royal Caribbean.

Missing from the list, however, are some of America’s biggest financial and technology companies, including Apple, Facebook, Google, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo, some of which debated internally whether to sign the letter.

Two companies that signed may raise eyebrows in Washington: Thrive Capital, whose founder, Joshua Kushner, is the brother of Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law, and Bain Capital, the private equity firm co-founded by Senator Mitt Romney, Republican of Utah.The Times article mentioned Walmart's decision a week ago that it would stop selling handgun ammunition and "short barrel rifle" ammunition.  Tom Gresham revealed on his radio program last Sunday that Bloomberg's Every Town for Gun Safety was behind that move.  Walmart is a Charter Member of Bloomberg's "Responsible Firearms Retailer Partnership."  It is possible that this letter is a similar effort by Bloomberg's group.

This is all hands on deck time.  We need our voices to be louder than the gun ban crowd's voices.  Tell every gun owner you know to contact their congressman and senators, even if they know the legislator is anti-gun because then need to know their constituents don't support their position on the issue, and tell them you don't support criminalizing private sales and that you oppose stripping away our due process rights on unsubstantiated claims that can be made by an angry neighbor, ex-spouse or significant other.

GOP Congressional Leaders Look to President Trump for Signal on Gun Control

VSSA - Wed, 09/11/2019 - 11:20
The Wall Street Journal has the story here.
Mr. Trump later met with GOP leaders at the White House for a conversation that included gun policies. A person with knowledge of internal deliberations described it as a robust conversation, adding that the lawmakers made clear to the president that he needed to signal what he supported, and the president indicated he understood.

Aides plan to brief Mr. Trump this week on his legislative and policy options on guns, said the person familiar with the conversations. The White House has received ideas and proposals from agencies, lawmakers and outside groups.

Topics that White House officials have discussed include improving background checks, removing guns temporarily from people considered dangerous—sometimes called red-flag laws—enhancing public-safety funding and subjecting mass shooters to expedited capital punishment.

White House officials have also said they are considering the use of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System to alert state law-enforcement officials when a person prohibited from purchasing a firearm tries to buy a gun.The most likely thing that would be considered by the Senate are changes in the background check requirements or some sort of Red Flag law, either the proposal that Lindsey Graham is pushing which would be a grant program to states to implement red flag laws.

Last night on Tucker Carlson's Fox News program, Dana Loesch laid out the problems with red flag laws.  She has been out front on the issue via her Twitter feed.

Watch the latest video at foxnews.com
Continue to contact your congressmen, senators, and the White House and politely tell them that you oppose all new restrictions on our right to keep and bear arms.

Dana Loesch Breaks Down the Problems with the WaPo/ABCNews Poll

VSSA - Tue, 09/10/2019 - 13:38
Yesterday, I wrote about the WaPo/ABC News Poll and the finding that a majority of respondents fear a mass shooting in their community.  There was a lot more in that poll related to the attitude of the public when it came to various gun control proposals, some of which are floating around Capitol Hill and even here in Virginia.  Dana Loesch used Twitter and her radio program yesterday to point out some of the problems with that poll - namely the way the questions were asked.
It’s like the people crafting the questions weren’t familiar enough with current law to accurately conduct polling. BGCs are standard (unless you’re in antiquities or legal and still-regulated transfer, neither of which are part of income) and online buys MUST go thru FFL. pic.twitter.com/CtPvWvsUwk— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) September 9, 2019 Townhall.com shares Dana's complete breakdown of the poll.  You can find it by clicking here.

WaPo/ABCNews Poll Shows Majority Fear Mass Shooting in Their Community

VSSA - Mon, 09/09/2019 - 11:30
The Hill reports  today that a new Washington Post/ABC News poll shows that 60% percent of Americans said they are worried about a mass shooting in their own community.  There is a simple reason for this result, and it's not the spate of shootings that occurred over the summer.  No, it's because of the narrative pushed by the media that there is a mass shooting epidemic.  The fact is the opposite is true.
But Northeastern University criminologist James Alan Fox, the leading researcher on the topic for the past 35 years, tells Reason, "There is no evidence that we are in the midst of an epidemic of mass shootings." The number of incidents and casualties are simply too small to make such claims and, he stresses, the media coverage of shootings often ends up creating a false sense that gun violence—which is at or near historic lows—is ubiquitous and growing.Listen to the entire interview that can be found in the link above.

Guns Among Top Issues in This Year's Assembly Elections

VSSA - Thu, 09/05/2019 - 08:43
Politico has a story mostly about how state Democrats are trying to replay their healthcare strategy that drove them to almost take control of the House of Delegates in 2017.  But further down the article you find this:
In Virginia, though, health care will compete for attention with other high-profile issues Democrats and outside groups will lean on heavily to drive turnout in an off-year election. That includes a push for stricter gun laws after 12 people were killed during an attack in Virginia Beach this May.

Rachel Bitecofer, a political scientist at Christopher Newport University, said guns and health care are the two biggest issues for voters in competitive districts Virginia Democrats are trying to flip in November.I will sound like a broken record between now and November but if the General Assembly flips control this year, Virginia's gun laws will look like California or New Jersey's overnight.  If you haven't already RSVPd for this year's VSSA Annual Meeting, you will want to do so.  This will be your opportunity to hear from VSSA's lobbyist about what we are up against.